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The institute is introduced

The institute is introduced

Guilin institute of hydrology geological prospecting institute is mainly engaged in geothermal hot spring exploration、The underground water exploration、Mineral resources exploration、Hydrogeology survey、Prospecting service comprehensive logging, etc,At the same time management for water meter、Geothermal hot springs detector、The dam piping detector、Logging tool、Prospecting instrument, such as the development of the geophysical prospecting instruments、Sales and service。 Our hospital has long history of r&d services,Relying on the guilin university of technology advantage resources,Have a highly educated、The high quality、Practice experienced staff,Professional and technical personnel80Many people,Dr3People,Senior technical staff60Many people,Always taking scientific research as the center of the work to grasp,Focus to create a good environment for scientific research career,Provide good service。From the perspective of customers,Seriously treat every positive technical services。Now for several large enterprises and institutions to complete various types of more than hundreds of projects,In the industry。 For decades,...

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